30 July 2010

Let's just merge the rumors: Alewife replacing Lucy's Irish Pub

So I had rumors from two different directions, and having full-time employment with overtime and other commitments kept me from the usual process of beating the street personally, so the guy who gets paid to do it beat me to it:

The former Lucy's Irish Pub, located in the historic Baltimore Equitable Society building across from the Hippodrome Theater on North Eutaw St., is slated to reopen in September as Alewife, a beer-centric dining establishment with 40 drafts and 100 bottled beers.  Business owner Daniel Lanigan also owns a number of other beer halls, including Lord Hobo in Cambridge, Mass. and Other Side Cafe in Boston.

Lucy's Irish Pub had replaced--mostly in name only--the former Maggie Moore's, which had opened in 2005 in the Italian Renaissance Revival-styled building after its sale by Baltimore Equitable.  It had been built as the headquarters of the Eutaw Savings Bank in 1857, and acquired by the mutual insurance firm in 1889.  The upstairs used to house one of the largest private collections of historic firefighting memorabilia and ephemera in existence.

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