21 December 2010

Miller Lite subsidizes free MTA service on New Year's Eve

Craft beer enthusiasts usually have little to no use for "North American industrial lager" beers, particularly "light" beers.  Many craft beer aficionados lampoon the presence of a "light beer" tap at an establishment like Max's or Mahaffey's, or even the brewing of a "lawnmower light" or "mild ale" at a brewpub.

Well, apologize:

The Maryland Transportation Authority will offer free services on New Year's Eve thanks to beer conglomerate MillerCoors.
The MTA and Miller partnered to provide free bus, metro subway and light rail service on New Year's Eve throughout the Baltimore region - the first time residents have had free public transportation over the holidays.
The free services begin at 8 p.m. December 31 and will last until 2 a.m January 1. 
Kim Marotta, an executive at Miller Coors, said the freebie is to help Baltimore residents plan for safe rides home from New Year's celebrations. They're calling the program Miller Lite Rides, a name they've actually trademarked.
Miller has offered the free rides for 23 years across the country on different holidays, but this is the first time it's been offered in Baltimore.


JohnM. said...

"Well, apologize"

Why? Miller, InBev-AB and Coors dontate money to any number of charital organizations thoughout any given year. I heartily applaud their generousity, just as I applaud MillerCoors for this kind and generous act.

Unfortunately, it does not make Miller chill or Coors lite taste any less crappy. Sorry, but I am incapable of not noticing that fact whenever I get within 3 feet of their swill.

As one wise wag once said during a Miller Chill event at Max's (the Miller Chill girls were there, promoting their, ahem, product): "Cute girls and crappy beer. Unfortunately, the one does not canel or make one forget the other."

Andrew said...

Apologize for their advertising disguised as charity? OK, I guess this is a beneficial service that could indeed save a few lives. But does that mean I should enjoy the taste of their beer, or their reductive ad campaigns, or the fact that people often think I'm being snobbish for wanting to drink something with flavor? I really don't get your call for an apology.