15 December 2010

Quick Firkin and News Updates

Tomorrow at Metropolitan in Federal Hill--what is supposedly the last firkin extant of this year's last-ever(?) batch of the now-fading/dying Wild Goose Snow Goose. Tapped at 6 pm.

Meanwhile at Max's usual Thursday Cask Night, they will be celebrating the 1500th firkin made by Heavy Seas. Hugh Sisson and the Heavy Seas Crew will be there in the celebration.
On cask: Heavy Seas Thank You Thank You Very Much w/ Special Wood, Heavy Seas Below Decks, Lagunitas IPA, Victory Hop Devil, Aecht Schlenkerla Eiche Oak Smoke
On draft: Heavy Seas Thank You Thank You Very Much, Heavy Seas Below Decks, Heavy Seas Gold, Heavy Seas Loose Cannon (and, of course, dozens of other selections, including a lot of Christmas/holiday-themed beers).

I haven't had a chance to type up my thoughts on the Heavy Seas TYTYVM; I sampled it at its release party last week, and found it spectacular--extraordinarily hoppy and flavorful, with a diverse variety of hop characters without the heavily astringent and bitter notes of many imperial IPAs or heavily hopped ales (yes, West Coast breweries like Lagunitas and Stone, I'm glancing sideways at you).  By all means, go out of your way to sample this one-of-a-kind beer and hoist a toast to one of the region's best breweries and its longevity.

Meanwhile, The Sun's Dining @ Large blog reports an application to transfer the liquor license of the former DuClaw Brewing Fells Point location on Thames St. to a team from Mad River Bar & Grille of Federal Hill.

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