03 December 2010

Open It! III: Harvey's Christmas Ale

Glass:  La Chouffe Houblon glass.  I have two of them; who wants the other one?

This 275ml bottle is undated and has been sitting around in the cases for an indeterminate amount of time.  Easy pickings.

Pours stout black but bright, albeit bwith thin carbonation and no head to speak of.  8.1%.  Nose is elusive, seemingly mostly fruity English ale yeast as opposed to malt or hops.  Initial sips reveal a malt sweetness not present in the previous two beers.  Rich flavors blending a dose of tannin, raisins, stone fruit, and fruitcake, with a nutiness that adds to the "fruitcake" character.  The mouthfeel is reminiscent of a diluted port wine, fruity and rich.  A sipping beer, to be sure, even if it's not as strong as the bigger names in big beers.  Also a definite hop bitterness, even if any hop nose is largely gone now.

I would easily get more of this if the price were right.  And it holds up well aged.

RateBeer ratings here.  Brewer's website here (not much there).


Jake said...

Are you offering me a glass? Yes, please.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Jake, drop me a line and we'll see where/when to meet up and hand you off the glass.