01 October 2009

Clipper City/Heavy Seas Updates, V. 2.0

Short and to the point here; you can go to www.ccbeer.com for more details..............

NOT on the website:  Next Heavy Seas Mutiny Series big beer (assuming the Feds approve the label, etc.) will be Yule Tide, a 10% Belgian Tripel to be available in November, four malts, two hops, Trappist yeast and candi sugar. . . .

*For the vegetarians (hey, Jenny!), an Indian Food and Beer Tasting at Vineyards Delight in Pikesville on Saturday Oct. 3rd,  2-6 PM, free.  See here for details.

*Heavy Seas The Great Pumpkin is out on the streets, ca. $6 a bomber where I saw it yesterday.  Still at least some Prosit out there as well.  Winter Storm is also rolling out as well in six-packs.

Oh, and how IS it?  Scary, but in a good way.  It's neither totally over-the-top, in-your-face pumpkin pie with alcohol (like some pumpkin beers out there) nor a beer where if you dig around a bit,you uncover some pumpkin-pie-like spice (like others I've had).  This is exquisitely balanced between those two extremes.  And NO WAY does it taste like it's 10% abv.  It's packed with malt and "pumpkin" (I hesitate to think just what anyone uses to duplicate pumpkin early--butternut squash? canned pumpkin?), but has a much drier body and finish than one would expect for both the style and alcohol.

*They will be selling beer at the Fells Point Fun Festival this weekend.

*Ladies Night returns to the brewery, Nov. 4th 6-9 p.m.  $10 a lass; see website for details.

Final(?) Baltimore Beer Week schedule: 

MEET THE CREW* from the brewery,  talk & drink beer with a brewer & other crew members & get free stuff at :
10/8    Max's  5 - 8pm
10/9    Kooper's Firkin Friday  5 - 8pm
10/12  Mahaffey's   3 - 7pm
10/12  Alonso's   5 - 8pm *
10/13  Antonio's  5 - 8pm
10/14  Lure's Firkin Night  5 - 8pm
10/14  CC's Tavern  6 - 9pm
10/15  Cat's Eye Pub  9 - 11pm
10/15  Victoria Gastro Pub  5:30pm
10/16  Judge's Bench  5 - 8pm 
10/17  Duda's  8 - 10pm

10/11  Brunch & Brewery Tour  11 - 2pm SOLD OUT!
10/13  Beer Dinner at Mother's Grille  7pm *
10/13  Bertha's - beer & oysters   5 - 7pm
10/15  Ryleigh's - beer & oysters  6 - 8pm *
10/15  Rowhouse - beer & cheese  8 - 10pm *
10/16 Judges's Bench - beer & cheese 5 - 8pm 
10/09  Perfect Pour   5 - 8pm
10/16  Wine Source   5 - 8pm
* Hosted by Clipper City founder, Hugh Sisson. 

1 comment:

Brad said...

Very curious to try the tripel "Yule Tide" when it's released.

I remember asking Ernie back in May at the brewery, if they'd ever consider brewing a Belgian tripel style. He just smiled and said, "we just might."

btw, here's the official page with all of their "Mutiny Fleet" lineup, including the Yule Tide:

Also, lots (and I mean LOTS) of Big DIPA available at Honeygo Wine & Spirits.

- Brad