07 October 2009

Top Ten Signs You're Taking Baltimore Beer Week Too Seriously

10. You're picking out which beer shirts to wear on which days.
9.   Your schedule-planning spreadsheet is now wall-sized.
8.   You're taking a vacation week for the occasion.
7.   You've filled out a temporary mail-forwarding form to have your mail sent to Max's Taphouse.
6.   You actually ask a price for filling a REAL "yard of ale."
5.   You've plotted out which of your friends lives closest to which pubs, and which have futons or sofa beds.
4.   You've already downloaded or printed out tasting notes for all the special beers listed so far on the schedules.
3.   You've already arranged for rides home from all the events in question, or gotten your Weekly MTA Pass.
2.   You've taken out a home equity loan to pay for all of it.
1.   You've already requested the second week of October 2010 as vacation time.

Got better ideas?


Caederus said...

You feel depressed and are about to turn off twiter because even though you live here, your work schedule is in crunch mode and you see no way of attending any events. :-(

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Lunch at Frisco Grille, dude. Victoria Gastro Pub and Perfect Pour are minutes away. Tastings at Pine Orchards and/or Jason's (I think). Call it a mental health break. Some guys need a round with a video game; you need a pint and a hearty beer dinner.

Hey, it's the best I can do for this year, mate. At least you're not in the same spot as one of my friends in Ellicott City that had to head to Seattle this week, and another that's stopping off in Topeka en route home from an all-too-brief stay in San Diego (a.k.a. Pizza Port Land to us).

BeerGuy said...

Heh, I'm headed to San Diego soon as well, but I'll make the entirety of Baltimore Beer Week.

And Alexander, very nice job rounding up some HoCo places, we out west/sw of the city appreciate that.

Caederus said...

If I am lucky I'll get a lunch in this weekend. I had plans for Oktoberfest, but I had to cancel them...