01 October 2009

Oct. Mid-Atlantic Brewing News is IN!

Seven boxes' worth ended up on my doorstep last night via UPS.

Check your favorite craft-beer drinking spot over the next day or three.

For those who can't read the headline (most of you, I'm sure--hard to make out even on the hard-copy edition), it's "Baltimore Braces for 10-Day Beer Blast on the Bay".  The other theme of the issue is 25 years of craft-beer brewing, starting with ChesBay in Virginia Beach in 1984.

For the record, the Oct. issue of Ale Street News came out a couple days earlier--and I can't find a word about Baltimore Beer Week in it.  Now, obviously, MABN has an edge in that one of the people responsible for starting BBW is a columnist and feature writer for them, but the editors chose to put BBW on the cover, not me.

Copies should be available at the Opening Tap and after-party at Pratt Street Ale House, the Maryland Oktoberfest, and if they last long enough at the Chesapeake Real Ale Fest.

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BeerGuy said...

Yep, just picked up my copy at Frisco Grille yesterday, plus the new Celebrator.