10 October 2009

Who Wanted Sam Smith's Yorshire Stingo?

One of my readers--and I can't remember who--asked me if I knew where he could find Samuel Smith's Yorkshire Stingo, now being advertised hither and yon in the beer press.

I haven't checked retailers, but I saw it last night in the cooler at Alonso's in Roland Park.  Paging Steve Jones:  They also have a Welsh bitter, the only place I've seen this one so far.  Look for the daffodil on the label.  (Tomos Watkin's Cwrw Braf).

In other news, Duda's has an excellent German-themed menu for all of October for "Oktoberfest"--German sausages, smoked pork chops, etc.  If you missed the German Fest at Max's and you're down there, there's another chance for you.

The Coastal Brewing Defender's Choice at Duda's and other places, by the way, is delicious.  I was expecting a North American Industrial Lager clone, but instead it's a ridiculously malty beer, more like a rich marezen.  By all means, do NOT simply disregard this combination of German menu and this beer.  This is probably one of the "sleeper" hits of Baltimore Beer Week.

Off to the Fairgrounds momentarily.............

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stevejones said...

Thanks for the tip-off Sandy ... if only I had time to pick some up!