02 October 2009

If You Were Patriotic, You'd Be Drinking More Hard Cider..... and SPBW Real Ale Festival

So says the teaser for this article up on Slate, found via the Washington Post website.  (Slate is owned by the Post.)

The article does a nice recap of cider history in America, but does nothing, really, to tell us why we should be drinking more cider, or why it's "patriotic" other than sheer Americana nostalgia.  Besides which, aside from a few mass-market ciders like Woodchuck (disparaged indirectly early in the essay), if we were to head out seeking ciders, we'd find little quality stuff out there save for the imports.

Reminder: I'm arranging to bring more "cask cider" again to the Chesapeake Real Ale Festival on Oct. 17th.  Tickets are now on sale for the Festival at the SPBW website and at the Pratt Street Ale House.
"THE PRICE: $35 which will include a souvenir SPBW/PSA mug to go along with unlimited samples of over 35 cask conditioned beers, some rare, some not so rare, all delicious though! Plus tons of giveaways and food available a la carte.
THE BEERS: We expect to have 35 firkins from 30ish brewers. See the web page for a full list. Right now we have Appalachian, Barley & Hops, Brewers Alley, Brewers Art, Clipper City, District Chophouse, Dog Pub, Dogfish, DuClaw, Evolution, Flying Dog, Franklins, Lancaster, Magic Hat, Pratt St. Alehouse, Red Brick Station, Rock Bottom Bethesda & Troegs CONFIRMED. Growlers will be available but ONLY at the end at 6 PM for a nominal price for any beers left over."

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C1D3RL0V3R said...

If you are looking for a great all American cider that is better than the European brands, try Crispin Cider. By far the best brand on the market.