23 March 2010

A Baltimore Beer Drinker Abroad

Folks, a reminder of what disappeared from the collective mass media screens after November 2008, when bringing up the subject repeatedly apparently no longer suited the mainstream media's desires or whims......

Lieutenant Colonel Eric Murphy is an A-10 pilot from Baltimore.
Lt Col Murphy flies with the 104th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron from the Maryland National Guard.  In his day job, “Captain” Eric Murphy is a commercial pilot [with United] who flies A320s but today he’s not flying British tourists traveling within the United States.  He’s going to Helmand Province to cover the British “Royal Welsh.”

White Marsh brewer Michael McDonald confirms that Lt. Col. Murphy is, indeed, the Red Brick Station patron that was the inspiration for Murph's Porter, the 6.1% seasonal that occasionally appears on the drafts there, and is part of the Maryland National Guard and test-pilot regular crew that frequents/frequented the brewpub and inspired/instigated the A-10 Warthog IPA, another seasonal/occasional.  {OOPS--see below....]

Judging from where he is now, he probably misses having a good beer.  Keep him, and his comrades, in your thoughts and prayers.

More superlative coverage from Michael Yon here, including three pages on just that one day's visit, including Murphy's return that evening. Michael Yon's blog homepage here.  Hat tip to Instapundit for the lead and link.

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Unknown said...

Nice to know they're naming beers in your honor! A true credit to your Irish heritage! Also glad you're coming home safe... Love from your cousin Chris.

Mike McDonald said...

Actually, Murf's Porter is named after another Murf. The A-10 Warthog was inspired by Eric "Murph" and all of his compatriots at Martin State ANG. I am also happy to report the all of the brave men and women from Martin State have returned safely.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

The mistake (from mis-interpreting e-mails) is mine and mine alone. But close enough, as we say? <:-)