01 March 2010

Pratt Street Ale House to become a chain?

The Baltimore Sun's Sam Sessa is reporting--superficially, at the moment--on expansion plans by the Pratt Street Ale House:

Dvorkin is currently eying a spot in Federal Hill (he's mum on the exact location), as well as Pennsylvania. Both bars would offer Oliver Ales, which the Pratt Street Ale House brews.
"We're looking to expand and maybe take on another couple places in the coming years," Dvorkin said.
"We're trying to grow it as much as we can, while keeping the quality everybody knows." ...


Andrew said...

I seem to recall the Pratt Street Ale House guys alluding to this ambition back when they purchased the place from the Olivers.

BeerGuy said...

I'd heard about that a few times recently, kept mum but obviously its out there now.