05 March 2010

Pa Raids Philly Beer Bars for "Unregistered" Beers

Jack Curtin's Liquid Diet blog reports on news that agents of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board raided three Philadelphia beer bars--Memphis Taproom, Resurrection Ale House, and Local 44--looking for beers for sale that were not registered with the PLCB.
It appears they found at least one (I know of one that may have been involved, but I'm not talking), but a great deal of the alleged "unapproved" beers are alleged to be "listed plain as day on the PLCB list of registered beers".  Apparently it's a nasty mess at the moment.  Read Jack's post.

So the next time you wonder why your favorite beer bar can't or won't just grab a case of whatever beer you don't see here in Maryland and sell it.............  now you have an idea, even if we're not Pennsylvania.

UPDATE: Additional commentary from Lew Bryson's other blog.  And there's a Baltimore angle to it all as well.

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