10 March 2010

The Latest Bizarre-Ingredient Beer

I swear, in about three weeks, we're going to get press releases looking just like this, only they may or may not be April Fool's jokes.

The latest novelty bottled beer from Dogfish Head, supposedly inspired by the Alstrom Brothers of Beer Advocate:  "Wrath of Pecan," which according to the Alstroms, is "brewed w/ plantains, carob, and pecan-smoked malt."

I think I'll take a trip through the Asian supermarket in Catonsville (you know, the one where you need a passport and an interpreter), grab three random ingredients off the shelf, make a beer from them, and then get someone to interpret the labels for me..............  and then Dogfish or whoever can buy the recipe off of me.


Caederus said...

Your not thinking big nor bizarre enough. First go to the Asian supermarket get One random ingredient, then go to an African/Caribbean grocery store and repeat for one ingredient, then because everything is a American {Ethnic} style you need to go to a local farm and get some random fruit/vegetable that is in season.

That's how you make the new bizarre beer.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Regrettably, you have a point.

Anonymous said...

The H-mart? Throw a fish head in with the hops.