04 March 2010

New Heavy Seas website finally up

See it here. or enter http://www.hsbeer.com

Events here (includes tonight's Pint Night at Razorback's in Towson, Md.).

Also an excuse to mention/hype the Heavy Seas Real Ale and BBQ Fest at the brewery on Saturday, March 27, noon-4 pm.  $49, limited to 350 tickets, info here.

And if you're a homebrewer, start brewing now for this year's Letter of Marque competition: 

Remember that we are looking for exciting and unique beers so there is no restriction on style. Keep in mind that the bigger and more assertive you are  - the better to sail the Heavy Seas! 
Submissions must arrive at the brewery June 8 - June 19.  Please no wild yeasts or bacterial fermentations (Brettanomyces etc).  We want to keep a clean ship! More details to come. For answers to immediate questions, send an email to eugeni@hsbeer.com

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