25 January 2011

1,000 IBUs?

Maybe I should save this post for my 1,000th blog post.

Casey at Max's Taphouse reports that he just put this beer on draft:

That's right, it's supposed to be 1,000 International Bittering Units.  It's been kicking around for a year or so, and lots of folks on BeerAdvocate just had to try it and rate it--over 100, at least, and they seem to like it, but remember that this is the Beer Advocate crowd......

Let's see what a small sample costs me.


JohnM. said...

"lots of folks on BeerAdvocate just had to try it and rate it--over 100, at least, and they seem to like it, but remember that this is the Beer Advocate crowd......"

Um, yeah... so? The folks on BA don't have a discriminating palate? They're incapable of telling whether a beer is good or not?

Not really sure I'm getting your point here Alex... though I do gather, based on your post, that for some reason you hold those folks in contempt.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

This has become my impression (and that of a couple others in the business) of the most painfully apparent BeerAdvocate raters, reviewers, etc. Your mileage may vary:


You'll get my review of this beer in a few.......

JohnM. said...

Shrug. I've seen the cartoon before, as well as the original wine version.

Yep, there are plenty of folks who like extreme beers, and/or are in search of the next white whale. I'm guessing not all of them are on BA or Ratebeer either, though that's irrelevant. However, if you read over any of the forum posts on those sites, you might have noticed that there is rather a sizeable minority who extoll the virtues of readily available, affordable, sessionable beer.

It's a large community Alex, and the only thing I've seen that the folks over there all have in common is a passion for beer. I don't think that's such a bad thing.

Personally, I'm interested in trying this beer as well, but it's because it's made by an innovative brewer that is constantly trying to push the envelope stylistically, new non-traditional ingredients, etc. Also, I happen to like IPA's and DIPA's, so of course this beer would interest me.

In any event, one of the things I always look for on BA or Ratebeer is how many folks have reviewed a particular beer. If a beer has a high grade or score, but only a few reviews, of course I'm suspicious and I tend to take those results with a grain of salt. However, this particular beer has something like 120 reivews on BA, with a grade of A-. So I'm guessing this beer might really be pretty good, though of course I'll judge for myself (if I ever get to try it).

Really Alex, I guess I just don't understand your scorn for the folks on BA and Ratebeer who, unless I'm completely missing the boat here, are pretty much you when it comes to beer.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

It's not so much "contempt" or "scorn" as it is "consider the source."

My impression is that certain breweries (Mikkeller, for one) could bottle an Imperial Floor Polish, and as long as it was "extreme" and "fresh hop Amarillo, dry-hopped with the brand-new Pachinko hop variety" or the like, it would receive rave reviews among at least the hop-head portion of the "must consume everything extreme and write about it" portion of their membership. You know, just because it was extreme.

Furthermore, look at the mathematical deviation built into the BA ratings you mention: Those who rate that beer high are favored upwards in their deviations; those who left more neutral or negative reviews were skewed sharply downwards. If anything, this supports my thesis about the "average" BA rater.....