25 January 2011

Stillwater to brew double-Anniversary beer for Max's Taphouse

Label approved, from the label copy:

“Quickly after hatching the brainchild that has become Stillwater Artisanal, our good friend and cellar-master extraordinaire, Casey Hard of Max’s Taphouse stepped right up to have us debut our first public release during their annual Belgian Beer Festival. This year, the fest marks our first anniversary and 2011 also signifies 25 years of Max’s. For this occasion we crafted an elegantly deep, dark ale that features elements of roast, light smokiness, and beautiful fruity esters attributed to the Belgian yeast strain used. Thanks for an amazing first year.”
Expect this to show up during the Max's Belgian Fest, Feb. 18-20th.

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JohnM. said...

Alex. Not sure if this is accurate, but I believe I was told that this beer will only be available at Max's, and that it will be the only non-Belgian beer on tap the first Friday of 72 hours of Belgium.

Personally, I can't wait to try this.