07 January 2011

Want to Make Wild Goose for a Year or Two?

Erik Maza of the Baltimore Sun finally tracked down Jeff Harrison, one of the folks behind the Logan Shaw start-up "nanobrewery" in D.C., and the buyers of the Wild Goose brand. 

It appears they're looking for someone else in the region to contract-brew the brand for 2011 and possibly part of 2012, as they new operation doesn't plan to have a brewery operation ready at the about-to-be-leased Waldorf, Md. location for 18 months or so.  (And given the delays to a lot of local brewery/pub projects in this area, they might do well to plan for 24 months or more, unless they're the other winners in the big lottery drawing recently.)

At least they finally put some content up on their website.

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