28 January 2011

Expansion Underway at Pratt Street Ale House

Pratt Street Ale House owner Justin Dvorkin let slip the news during a visit today:

"We've taken a lease on the property next to us," he said quietly of the former sports bar at 200-202 W. Pratt Street.  "We wanted to buy it outright, but the owner wasn't willing to sell just yet.  It's going to give us more options, including, first and foremost, the ability to expand the Real Ale Festivals.  We'll have control of the whole sidewalk property.  In addition, we'll be able to offer such things as a private party bar for the conventions."

The bar, run for the last couple years as The Nest and before that as DSX (Downtown Sports Exchange), closed in late 2010; it is laid out differently and separately from its neighbor, with a plethora of large video screens.  Although it was more typically the mass-market beer alternative to its neighboring brewpub, it had offered at least a few token craft brews such as Brewers Art Resurrection and Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA in recent years.

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