25 January 2011

New Belgium expanding to Md. market in late 2011

DC Beer has a hold of a press release (not yet on the company's website) from New Belgium Brewing of Fort Collins, Colorado saying that they intend to expand to the Maryland, DC, and Virginia markets in September 2011.

Well, at least it'll (eventually) quiet down those regional folks who seem to insist that Fat Tire is the greatest thing since, say, Samuel Adams.  Or New Albion.


Ryan said...

while i agree fat tire isn't as good as everyone raves..it's also not as bad as the elitists complain about. actually it's pretty tasty.

that said, they also have some pretty good beers that aren't fat tire, so give some credit where it's due.

david.m. said...

I was told today by the "beer guy" at one of the premier beer heavy liquor stores in our area that Founders and Bell's were coming to our state this spring as well. Good year for craft drinkers in MD.