11 September 2011

Get Your German (or Sixpoint) On!

1) The Old Stein Inn in Mayo (near Annapolis) reopens on Wednesday after rebuilding after this winter's fire.

2)  Max's German Fest is this weekend, Sept. 16-18th.  50 or so German drafts.

3)  Max's Tuesday Beer Social this week features 30+ beers from Sixpoint Brewing of New York (of course, many/most will be available for a week or more):
Bengali Tiger
Sweet Action
Growler Dark(Inspired by our Trip to the UK)
Mad Scientists #4 (Hibiscus Ale)
Old Krusher (Barleywine)
Mad Scientists #5 (Belgian Golden Ale Infused w/ Shiso)
Spice of Life:Chinook
Meatball Shop Ale (Red Ale w/ 30% Wheat Malt)
Bark Ale (Red Session Ale)
Little Wisco Special(Kolsch Style Ale w/ Flaked Corn)
Mad Scientists #3 (Double Sticke)
Vienna Pale Ale (Pale Ale w/ Vienna malt)
Mad Scientists #6 (IPA Wet and Dry hopped w/ Freshly Pikced Hops from the Hudson Valley)
El Barrio (Brown Ale, Nicely Hopped & Roasty)
Belgian IPA (IPA w/ Belgian Yeast Strain)
Brevity (Belgian Wit)
Little BZZZ (Honey Infused Ale)
Filling Station(Belgian Pale Ale)
Otis (Nitro Stout w/ Flaked Oats)
Signal IPA (IPA w/ A Slight Amount of Smoke malt)
Brownstone (Signature Brown Ale, Brady, w/ Hints of Coffee & Chocolate)
Frankie's Pale Ale (Well Balance Pale w/ Fruity Finish)
Spice of Life:Cascade
Spice of Life: Amarillo
Catch and Brass (Pale w/ Lots of Juicy Notes, Think Hawaiian Punch)
Gemini (Double IPA)
Autobahn (West Coast Style IPA)
Oyster Stout(Brewed w/ Oyster Shells)
Bills Burger Beer (ESB)

Plus a few others...................

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Kwistal said...

Sixpoint brewing is in Brooklyn, NY not Long Island. :-)