15 September 2011

More Beer at the White House

Dear God, the man can't even sit down for a damn beer without being accused of a politically staged photo op.  I actually have sympathy with the President on this one.  (Well, having a photographer follow you around constantly and "tweeting" the resulting imagery instantly leaves you wide open to that charge, of course.)

Of course, what WE want to know:

Was the beer an all-American "macroswill" lager made by a unionized plant, a locally-made "craft" beer (3 Stars, DC Brau, Chocolate City, Capitol City, etc.), a "chick" beer with herbs and fruit, a complex hoppy double India Pale Ale or "manly" barleywine, a foreign-made artisan beer, or a non-alcoholic stage prop?


RevChris01 said...

The last time they posted a picture of POTUS and another guy drinking a beer, it was Yuengling Lage

Scott B. said...

Don't think I've ever seen a barleywine that looks like a fizzy yellow beer...