07 March 2010

A different way to attract a different kind of "geek" to your bar.....

According to this Cleveland Plain Dealer article, Great Lakes Brewing Co. in downtown Cleveland, which already holds its own quite well in the beer-brewing department, holds monthly forums/programs for science enthusiasts:

Cold beer, warm pretzels and black holes. Just another monthly meeting of the Cleveland Science Cafe in the Great Lakes Brewing Co.'s tasting room.
Nanotechnology, Cleveland's bridges and sleep disorders are a few of the popular topics that local experts have put into layman's terms.
"They make it simple enough for everyone to understand," said Jasmine Patel, a 33-year-old Cleveland Heights woman who attended February's presentation on fingerprints. Like most of the forums, the fingerprint talk drew about 120 people who heard a brief introduction and then engaged the speakers in a question-and-answer session.
While the City Club of Cleveland is nationally known, the Science Cafe -- with its logo depicting a mug of beer, a microscope and a pretzel set before a Cuyahoga River lift bridge -- operates in relative obscurity.
The most popular subjects have been evolution and rocket science, said Darin Croft, a professor with Case Western Reserve's anatomy department and cafe coordinator.

According to the master list at http://sciencecafes.org/, there's a monthly cafe in Rockville, Gaithersburg, DC, Arlington, and Annapolis--but none in Baltimore.  Given that Baltimore has Johns Hopkins University, this is somewhat appalling.

Any science-minded readers interested in starting up one in Baltimore?  Preferably at a beer-friendly place?  Maybe the Max's Mobtown Lounge might be available select dates?

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