15 March 2010

Pratt Street Ale House, Annapolis? UPDATED

Well, maybe they'd have to change the name to a different street..........

Baltimore Sun blogger Sam Sessa is reporting that Pratt Street Ale House owner Justin Dvorkin is eyeballing the potential acquisition of the former Riordan's on Market Square in Annapolis, closed in July 2007.

An Annapolis Capital article from March 2008 details the structural problems the building had, leading (allegedly) to the business's closing.  More on that closing here.

Anyone want to report on the current state of that building?

UPDATE: Another article here.

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Andrew said...

The building is definitely in disrepair, at best. It's in a pretty appealing location, however, and I'd have to imagine that it's in the city's best interests to get it renovated and back in suitable condition. The Moyer administration didn't do City Dock any favors, but that location is just too appealing to sit vacant for much longer. Oliver Breweries would be a welcome site in Naptown.