21 June 2010

I Learn Something New Every Day

Okay, someone finally asked me a question about beer in Baltimore that I was unequipped to answer.

To wit:

Will be in Baltimore this fall. While I enjoy various micro/craft brews, several of my friends and I like to go old-school and low-fi. We have a Schaefer Beer Hall of Fame where we meet at NASCAR races to toast the wonder of Schaefer. More and more, we're trying to take our message to other parts of the country.
One of our friends recently purchased some Schaefer in Baltimore area, but he didn't get it at a bar. I'm wondering if you know any pubs,  bars, etc. that still sell it - particuarly any around Camden Yards. Would love to visit the place for a Schaefer and photo op when I get there.
Their Schaefer adventures are chronicled here:  http://bench-racing.blogspot.com/search/label/schaefer  
One of their recent blog entries shows someone with two 30-packs of Schaefer cans in what looks to me like Beltway Fine Wine & Liquor up off of Perring Parkway and the Beltway.

Heck, if I hadn't seen the photo, I would have guessed that Schaefer was extinct, or at least not still being sold in Baltimore.  I believe it now comes from the same Pabst folks that bring us National Bohemian now, no?

So can they find this beer just about anywhere, or are they going to have to dig for it?

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Unknown said...

It's been a few years since I was there, but you used to be able to get that beer at Lexington Market's little grocery store, which is near Camden Yards.