04 June 2010

Oh, yeah--Philly Beer Week...............

I'd been debating whether or not to mention Philly Beer Week for a while.  Debating because, on the one hand, this is Beer in BALTIMORE (and anyplace else I see fit), and I'm not making it up there for the "week" in spite of quite a few invites.  If you're the type that cares that much, you're probably stopping off there en route home from Mondial de la Biere in Montreal--as several folks I know are.  Or you're one of those folks that snapped up tickets for SAVOR tomorrow in D.C. for the fifteen minutes they were available.

But it's on.

They're claiming 1,000 events at 195 venues in the city and suburbs.  (Now, keep in mind that Philly has at least twice as many people as we do.)

So many things that each day's schedule at the website is broken down to types of events--dinners, tastings, "meet the brewer," beer specials, firkins, music, beer debuts, pub crawls, competitions, etc.

The Philadelphia Inquirer even ran a special food insert dedicated to PBW in yesterday's paper, including an article on a tasting with Steve Frazier of The Brewer's Art as a moderator.  And this week's Philadelphia Weekly--one of two Philly alt-weeklies, along with their City Paper--had a 64-page pull-out insert on Philly Beer Week.

You can take Amtrak and SEPTA, if you don't want to drink and drive.  More at the three excellent Philly bloggers in the blogroll to the right, provided they find time to update.  And at the PBW website, naturally.

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platypotamus said...

Mondial de la Biere was fantastic, btw. lots of great new finds - primarily local Montreal breweries. Dieu du Ciel and Benelux were personal favorites, off the top of my head. need to review my notes and photos soon.