04 June 2010

Stillwater's "Of Love and Regret"

Stillwater's Brian Strumke arrived back from a brewing trip to Belgium, and brought back some samples (still bottle conditioning, mind you) of his latest batch "Of Love and Regret."  It should be a VERY scarce beer to acquire, along the lines of a BrewDog specialty batch, with only about 2,500 330cl (11.2 oz) bottles and ten 20-litre kegs available.  Anticipated price will be around $6 a bottle announced once import duties and shipping is factored in.  "It's an import, after all!" Strumke noted

Strumke is off to Philadelphia Beer Week; watch for "OL&R" once the ships dock, in a couple weeks' time.  Check here for his list of events in Philly.


Stillwater Artisanal Ales said...

price is still TBA, depends on import costs and such..

JohnM. said...

Kudos Alex.

Near as I can tell, yours is the first Baltimore blog post I've seen regarding Philly beer week events (which starts today, by the way).

I realize Baltimore isn't Philly, but most of these events are no more than an hour or two away, and some of them are truly outstanding and well worth the drive (I plan to attend several myself today). Also, and as your post alludes to, there are several events involving local Baltimore/Maryland beers (Stillwater, Flying Dog and Clipper City being the most obvious attendees to participate).


Brandon Miller - Milhouse44 said...

I would hope that the Beer selling establishments in the City of Baltimore take notes of the events taking place just north of us.....and not just 10 days of pint nights.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

I can't speak for the establishments themselves--after all, a lot of them are busy just keeping their brewpubs or bars running--but rest assured that the people who are REALLY behind Baltimore Beer Week are stealing every "cheat sheet" they possibly can, and not just from Philly. We have representatives up in Montreal for Mondial de la Biere right now (on their own dimes), and I personally hosted one of the people behind San Diego's Beer Week during last year's BBW and picked his brain for all it was worth. The mission is not to make BBW bigger, but better. Part of my own personal responsibility is to brainstorm events that go WAY beyond Pint Nights and beer tastings, and I'm at work on just one such festival right now.

In fact, I think we can say that the entire Baltimore Beer Week concept was conceived inside the hall of the Philly Craft Beer Festival in 2008 when several of us Baltimore beer geeks present there kept saying to one another in the course of two to three hours, "So where/when's Baltimore's beer week?!?" I was one of them. We have witnesses. <:-) Therefore, I'm named as one of the "co-founders" of Baltimore Beer Week.

david.m. said...

I hope its not too too scarce, because that is one bottle I really want (notice I did not say need) for permanent display. Just perfect design imho.