02 April 2012

More about that supposed Oriole Park brewpub.... UPDATED AGAIN

With Opening Day for Oriole Park creeping up this Friday, more news is coming out about the proposed brewpub at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

To be named Dempsey's after former Orioles catcher Rick Dempsey, the brewpub will be one of three new restaurants to open in the Eutaw Street "warehouse" building of the stadium, the other two being outlets of Gino's, the once-popular local burger chain originally founded by Colts Gino Marchetti and Alan Ameche and now being revived, and Stuggy's, the gourmet hot-dog shop in Fells Point.  Dempsey's, in the former Bud Light Warehouse Bar, will be open on a limited basis starting Friday for Opening Day, with a full opening planned in late April. The restaurant will then be open year-round on game days and non-game days.

Although Dempsey's chef Josh Distenfeld told Baltimore Magazine that beer will be brewed on the premises, representatives for Delaware North, the service franchisee for Camden Yards, have not responded to several inquiries regarding the specifics for constructing the brewery, hiring a brewmaster, and the like.

More from the Sun's Richard Gorelick:
Dempsey's opening roster of beers, which will be brewed on premises, include Wild Pitch Wheat, Pine Tar Stout, Rick's Red Ale and -- how could they resist -- Rain Delay IPA, according to Camden Yard's food and beverage director Adrian Sedano. The bar at Dempsey's is scheduled to be open on April 6. The dining menu and house-brewed beers will may be ready for the second homestand, Sedano said.
 UPDATE:  Dempsey is apparently not the only former Oriole to get into the microbrewery business.

UPDATE II: I just went by Oriole Park--they're installing that looks passably like a brewing system albeit far smaller than even Bare Bones or Rocky Run ever had.  It may be either an extract system or a facade.....

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