05 April 2012

Someone Out There Has a Problem With Ale Mary's...... UPDATED

I don't know whether I should give a bunch of sourpuss crackpots any publicity, but.....

The Baltimore Sun's Jill Rosen reports that there's a Facebook group protesting the "blasphemy" of Ale Mary's in Fells Point.

More at Ale Mary's Facebook Page.

I think I'll go down there for dinner this weekend.  You know, just to show MY feelings.

More here.

Maybe a whole bunch of craft beer fans with common sense should join just to spread some common sense and, you know, those sound Christian feelings of inclusiveness and diversity.........  O:-]

UPDATE: As of 11:45 Good Friday, the Sun's website article cited above has 68 comments, of which the vast majority are in opposition to the Facebook group and supportive of Ale Mary's.

UPDATE II: A perusal of the Facebook group in questions reveals that 1) the group allows the addition of registered Facebook users to the group by other members with or without their explicit consent, 2) members have stated that they have done so, and 3) I just added someone else to the group without his or her consent as a test.  So take any membership numbers touted by the group with extreme suspicion and skepticism.


RevChris01 said...

I think I will have to go down and show my support as well

JohnM. said...

What a bunch of nonsense. I can't say I'm all that big a fan of Ale Mary's, but this is enough to get me to stop in for a pint and a bite this weekend.

Steve said...

i'm guessing that the autographed picture of Jesus at Frazier's would really get their knickers in a wad.