16 April 2012

This Sunday: Charity or War?

Coming up this Sunday, you get your pick between the fifth edition of the Charitably Charming Chilifest, this time staged (rain or shine) at the Baltimore Free Farm, or the first edition of what promises to be an annual Charm City Beer Wars at Mother's Grille in Federal Hill.

The former:
It’s time for our 5th celebration of the DIY spirit! Brought to you by the BaltiBrew homebrew club, the Charitably Charmin’ ChiliBrew is an informal, semiannual charity homebrew competition and chili cookoff, now benefiting the Baltimore Free Farm, the Bearings Bike Project, and the Baltimore Green Currency Association. Previous installments have each drawn about 30 entries and 200+ enthusiastic judges, and this spring we will be returning to the Free Farm’s “Localize It!” outdoor festival.
Anyone can compete in the ChiliBrew, and anyone can judge! Just looking for a good time with good food/brews/all of the above? Come on out! Got a killer family chili recipe or brew your own beer? Bring it on! Involved with some other hobby or organization that Does It Together, here in Baltimore? Share the love! We want to bring people interested in all aspects of local lifestyles together to cross-pollinate and build community.
We’re suggesting a $10–$20 sliding-scale donation at the door from those who partake of the ChiliBrew. That’ll get you a ballot to vote on any or all of the competitions (chili con carne, veggie chili, and homebrew, though you must be 21 or older for homebrew of course). If you weigh in on the upper half of that sliding scale we’ll also give you a commemorative glass.
 The latter:
You are invited to the 1st Annual Charm City Beer Wars hosted at Mother's Federal Hill Grille. You get to choose who makes the best craft beer in Maryland. You as the consumer get to try multiple samples to help determine who has the best beer in Maryland. It's $30 all you can try. One vote per participant. If you missed out on the Charm City Wing Wars- you really missed out. Get yours to this now before it sells out.

Participating Breweries:

Baltimore Washington Beer Works
The Brewer's Art
Brewers Alley Restaurant & Brewery
Dog Brewing Company
DuClaw Brewing Company
Flying Dog Brewery
Heavy Seas Beer
Pratt Street Ale House
Red Brick Station Restaurant & Brewpub
Stillwater Artisanal Ales
Of course, if you have a designated driver or other such chaperone, there's naught keeping you from both save laws against public intoxication.

Also, please note that Federal Hill is a NIGHTMARE to park in on Sunday afternoons, as parking restrictions start on the streets at 2 PM and last until Monday morning. READ PARKING SIGNS CLOSELY or park in the West Street Garage, or take the Circulator/taxi/MTA bus/designated driver option.  Or walk or bicycle, whatever.


JohnM. said...

There are laws against public intoxication at Mother's? That comes as a considerable surprise to me... especially considering the format of this tasting.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

I refer to your ability (or lack thereof) to get to and from your choice of transportation without "disturbing the peace."

Also, please note that Federal Hill is a NIGHTMARE to park in on Sunday afternoons, as parking restrictions start on the streets at 2 PM and last until Monday morning. READ PARKING SIGNS CLOSELY or park in the West Street Garage, or take the Circulator/taxi/designated driver option.

JohnM. said...

:-) I knew what you meant Alex. I just couldn't refrain from poking a little fun at Mother's... not that I visit Mother's all that often, but I can't remember the last time I was there when I didn't see one or more "impaired" patrons in the place.

As for Sunday parking in Federal Hill, you're only too right. A couple of times I parked in what I thought was a legal spot, only to have a neighbor advise me that where I was parking, it was illegal (as you alluded to, some of the parking signs are VERY difficult to figure out). I like the new place over on Light Street (Brewer's Cask), and try to stop by from time to time, but the parking situation there is so miserable, I've about given up (as you might surmise, the West Street Garage fills up very quickly on Sundays - the last two times I was there around 4:00, it was completely full).

Andrew said...

You all should forget about looking for parking and just drive directly to Covington Street in front of Digital Harbor High School. The side of the street opposite the school has no parking restrictions and always has open spaces. It's a few blocks walk to Brewers Cask, but worth it for the peace of mind.

JohnM. said...

@ Andrew

Good to know. Google shows that Covington is actually roughly half a mile away, but that's no problem. Last time I stopped by Brewer's Cask I had to park over a mile away, so this would be an improvement.