06 April 2012

National Tartan Day Today, and Session Day Tomorrow

It's National Tartan Day--not that you really noticed, even if you're a Scot.

The Scots have yet to coalesce on a single, unifying holiday with which to express their Scottish identity as the Irish so famously have with St. Patrick's Day.  Some celebrate Robert Burns' birthday in the middle of winter; some just go to the nearest Scottish or Celtic festival, whenever that is.  For the religious, there's the day for the patron saint of Scotland, but that's November 30th, easily overshadowed by America's Thanksgiving.

A group in Washington, DC managed to get National Tartan Day put on the map in 2005, but has done little with it since.  Regardless, the unofficial "Scottish pub" of Baltimore, Liam Flynn's, will mark the occasion with discounts on Scottish beers for those who show up in tartan.  (And let us point out, there's a difference between a plaid and a tartan.  Showing up in your "lumberjack" flannel shirt won't cut it.)

And a gentle reminder, Session Beer Day is being observed tomorrow, April 7th.  Two locally participating venues are Liam Flynn's (Oliver's Blonde and Heavy Seas Session Pale Ale on cask) and The Pratt Street Ale House will be selling their three session ales (Blonde Ale 4.3%, Dark Horse Mild 4% & Bishop's Breakfast 4.4%) for $3/pint on the day.

It's also Good Friday in the Christian church, and I hear a different religion is converging on a diamond-shaped temple of a different sort downtown today......

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