22 June 2009

Clipper City's new Big DIPA revisited

I managed to secure a 22-oz. bottle of this new product, last reported on here, from a brewery representative. She told me that this beer should be on the shelves sometime this week; the delay has been with getting the labels printed up, and indeed they supposedly had unlabeled bottles ready to roll as soon as the labels arrived.

So how is it?

I inked over the Clipper City bottle cap and hauled it to a couple of beer-drinking friends for a blind tasting. The overall verdict: "I want a case of that sucker!" The debate became just which beer had been brewed on steroids: Clipper City Loose Cannon, Victory Hop Devil, Victory Hop Wallop, or Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA, with one guess that Dogfish Head had finally produced something good between 90 and 120 Minute IPA. It's really a BIG beer in both senses: 9%, feeling like 10+%, and 22 ounces per bottle. I would strongly advise NOT drinking this alone.

But, yeah--get this. Cross the street to get this. If you see this on cask, run, but don't push aside little old ladies.

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