22 June 2009

Excuse me, there's an Obama in my drink......

Under the Obama administration, as promised during the debates and campaign, "95% of Americans will get a tax cut."

Unless you drink soda or alcohol.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Early work on the ambitious health care overhaul the Obama administration is seeking has exposed the kinds of in-house fights that typify just how hard it will be to get meaningful legislation this year. Case in point: A proposal to help bankroll universal health coverage with a dime-a-can increase in the price of soft drinks. . . .

Also under consideration are higher alcohol taxes, increases to the Medicare payroll tax and a value-added tax, a sort of national sales tax, of up to 1.5 percent or more.

(Excuse me, I have to brew up another pot of tea............. and what about DIET soda?)

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