23 June 2009

Duvel Green @ Max's Taphouse June 30th

Gleaned from an e-mail from a distributor:

Duvel will have its Maryland launch of its draft-only Duvel Green at Max's Taphouse on Tuesday, June 30th. [I presume this is during/as the weekly Beer Social.]

Never heard of it? See these notes from Lew Bryson (along with some commentary on Belgian beer marketing) back in September:

Duvel Green is single-fermented and filtered, where Duvel is fermented twice (second time in the bottle, both using the same yeast, we were told), and it comes in at a reduced 6.8% ABV. It is, however, brewed with that same yeast, same Styrian Golding and Saaz hops, and the same pilsner malt as the original.


Jay Zeis said...

I thought that Max's had this during their Belgian Fest. I must have been wrong. But what I had when I thought I had it was very good.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Well, if you'll read the archives, I had a pretty damned good excuse for not being there to verify personally.

BeerChan said...

It was at Max's Belgian fest, perhaps they were able to sneak a keg in. It has been available in places like NY for a couple of months.