30 June 2009

How to Serve Barleywine in Summer

This just in from Metropolitan Coffeehouse in Federal Hill:

Firkin Thursday
This week's firkin will be Double Dog IPA from Flying Dog in Frederick, Maryland. Given its high ABV of 11.5%, Kristine will be serving it straight-up or as a delicious shandy mixed with lemonade. A sure-fire way to beat the heat. In the Upstairs Bar starting at 6:00 pm.

Well, that's different. Has anyone tried this combo, or any barleywine/lemonade combo, before? (I ain't wrecking a Thomas Hardy's Ale with this stuff, thank you........)


The Oriole Way said...

The beer/lemonade combo is very popular in Germany. It wasn't my favorite, but it was very refreshing on a hot day.

HoCoJoe said...

Barlywine and lemonade... I just don't see how this would be good.

Now looking at the announcement a DIPA and lemonade just might be a decent thing, sweet, sour, bitter, floral, citrus all in one.