25 June 2009

Most Overrated Bar?

I''m stealing a note/trick from fellow Baltimore blogger Elizabeth Large:

What's the most overrated bar in Baltimore?

BAR, not "beer." (Yet.)

Said places don't have to be beer bars, or even craft-beer friendly. I'm just looking for places I should probably never enter, being the "old f@rt" that I am. Give me your qualifiers as well: Too loud, too pretentious, too expensive, too unpredictable, the patrons are all stuck-up poseurs, they try to pour the fad drink of the week, etc.

Do I have a nominee? I'm thinking. REALLY hard. If it's overrated, I probably wouldn't go there more than once. Thus far, I've not been impressed with Bad Decisions (Yo, Sam, I'm looking at you!), but I haven't been there enough to give them a fair "hearing," so to speak. Ropewalk Tavern has a great beer selection, but somehow I just don't find myself stopping in, for some vague non-political reason.


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