30 June 2009

"New" Brewery "Returns" in Northern Va.

In case you're not paying attention to the blog feeder at the right, Dave Turley reports on a new brewery starting up in Ashburn, Va., with two of the former Old Dominion brewers utilizing some of the equipment and space used by the former Old Dominion Brewery there.

Read about it here.

(Yes, Rhino Chasers was a contract brand out of Huntington Beach, CA, contract brewed in Minnesota from 1990 to 1997, about the same time frame as Pete's Wicked Ale. I'm very curious to know if the partners managed to acquire rights to the name, whether they just came up with the name on their own and are liable for a trademark infringement suit, or what.)

UPDATE: Tom Cizauskas says that the Rhino Chasers trademark had expired, and has been acquired by the Ashburn owners.

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