22 June 2009

Tennessee passes distillery bill; craft distilleries to follow?

From the Knoxville News:

NASHVILLE - Moonshiners could face new competition from legal distilleries in as many as 44 Tennessee counties, including several in the Knoxville area, under legislation given final approval in the waning hours of the 2009 General Assembly. . . .

Sponsors of the bill Rep. Joe Carr and Sen. Bill Ketron, both Rutherford County Republicans, say the measure is an economic development opportunity that could create jobs and promote tourism with the establishment of "mini-distilleries" around the state.

Carr said a small distillery could require as little as a $750,000 investment, In legislative discussions, some lawmakers envisioned someone marketing a legal "Tennessee moonshine."

I can't help but notice that this was "buried" (by newspaper journalism standards) on a Saturday. Notice also just how far off topic the comments to the short article spin--though that's somewhat par for newspaper commentary these days...

(Tip of the hat for the last two items: Instapundit.)

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