21 February 2008

And now the Mahaffey's list--and is my face red!

Wayne just slipped me the list of what was ACTUALLY served:

#1 Sierra Nevada Bigfoot
#2 Dominion Millennium
#3 Moylan's Old Blarney
#4 Weyerbacher Blitering Idiot
#5 Stone Old Guardian
#6 Avery Hog Heaven
#7 Victory Old Horizontal
#8 Great Divide Old Ruffian

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (*^_^*)

So for me it was Dominion versus Weyerbacher and Stone versus Great Divide, and Dominion versus Great Divide, and finally Dominion Millennium. I guess I know which beer I'm buying two sixers of tomorrow. (^_^)

My sincere thanks to Wayne and his upstairs barkeep Lori for their help in this ridiculously insightful blind tasting. Trust me, folks, if you want to learn about beer, have it poured for you "blind" with NO preconceptions whatsoever as to style, region, etc.!

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