15 February 2008

Rarest of the rare?

"Cheat sheet" just passed to me by fellow MABN writer Steven Frank:

The RARE ones on the list:

Silly Abbaye de Forest (Only one on the East Coast)
Alvinne Dertig (Anniversary house beer forn the Eramus Hotel in Bruggse--Only one in the USA)
Bel Pils (Only keg in the USA)
All three De Proef (only ones on the East Coast)
De Reg Catherine (First keg in the USA)
De Reg Plus (first in USA)
De Reg Fion (Only place serving it outside Belgium)
Les 3 Fourquette Wheat (only place outside the Belgian brewpub)
Maredsous 6 (only kegs in USA)
Ommegang Saison de Wurz (1 of 2 places in USA outside brewery)
Strubbe Keyte Double Tripel (first place serving this in USA)

Note: No warranties in place, trusted secondhand information. Enjoy responsibly. Close cover before striking. This bag is not a toy.

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