16 February 2008

Saturday morning

And off we go for Saturday morning with about 30 people waiting in line (well, more a mob with no line) at 11 AM, quickly filing in and claiming prize bar seats. First order of the day for me--literally--is a de Regenboog t'Smisje Fiori 7% "special ale: cloudy golden, nice head, classic dubbel nose, think of a yeast-filled strong amber. sort of a wheaty/weizen character, with a strong Belgian ale biting finish. Not spectacular, but at the same time not bad either.

For those placing bets on which beers would go first, the overnight casualties were the Les 3 Fourquett Wheat (firs to kick), Ommegang Saison de Gewurz (2nd), Alvinne Blonde (3rd), then Alvinne Dertig, Boon Oude Lambic Mariage Parfait 17B, and de Regenboog t"Smisje Kerst. Repleacements: Van Steenberge Piraat and Gulden Draak, Val Dieu Grand Cru, St. Feuillien Vuvve de Noel, Petrus Old Bruin, and Caracole Nostradamus. Now, it comes to mind that when Nostradamus is "second-string," we're talking SERIOUS selection here..........

de Regenboog BBBourgondier 12%: deep cloudy amber, BIG fruity nose, sweet and assertive with a cutting tartness in the background, somewhat citrusy/grapefruity as well. A bit of elusive fig/prune flavors as well.

Mardesous 6 6% golden ale: fairly bright, nice head retention........... hmmmm, compared to the bigger siblings, this is almost lackluster, more a vastly improved Stella Artois than a lesser Mardesous. Think a crisp yet nicely-bodied Belgian Pils or light golden ale, fit to not offend as much as the competition here.

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