25 February 2008

Have our legislators gone NUTS?!?

Well, some would say that it's a prerequisite for wanting the job in the first place. That, or being nuts for power.

But can anyone--ANYONE--come up with a good excuse for THIS little bit of legislation?!?!?


File Code: Alcoholic Beverages - Statewide Bills
Crossfiled with: SENATE BILL 716

Sponsored By:
Delegates Schuler, Boteler, and Bromwell

Alcoholic Beverages - Home Brewing Instructor's Permit


Establishing a home brewing instructor's permit; providing a permit fee of $250; authorizing the Office of the Comptroller to issue a permit to specified individuals; authorizing a permit holder to teach a client methods of brewing beer under specified circumstances; restricting the use of beer produced for specified purposes; prohibiting a permit holder from holding a specified license or other permit; and authorizing the Office of the Comptroller to adopt specified regulations.


There's more at the link.

Now, seriously, has anyone--ANYONE--heard of any rational reason for mandating the licensing of homebrewing instructors, aside from just another attempt to generate revenue? Just how many paid instructors ARE there?

And what is the fee for selling a homebrewing book? Or being a library with "The Complete Joy of Home Brewing" on the shelf? Or having an instructional video on YouTube? Would they charge me if I gave away homebrewing books or supplies (as I have done), or even if I traded a surplus copy of Papazian's book for a beer (as I did earlier this month)?

UPDATE: The bill was withdrawn by its sponsors before committee deliberation on March 7th. More details to come in Mid-Atlantic Brewing News.

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