18 February 2008

Max's Belgian STILL ongoing!

So you missed the 72 Hours of Belgium. Don't fret--did you think they were just going to dump the leftovers?

If you get to Max's sometime in the next 48-72 hours--heck, maybe all week--the Belgian beers will STILL be on tap. Although I don't know for sure, I'm willing to wager that Casey didn't even get to hook up every keg that they had. So get there and enjoy the beers still, with less of a crowd and maybe even applicable happy hour deals in effect (although don't expect the 32-oz. Friday mugs).

So--did y'all have a good time? Heard this morning from one blog reader who had to pass up the fun because he's skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland (bring back chocolate, mate).

1 comment:

Brad said...

Yes sirrrr. Had a GREAT time on Day one. Can't wait for '09!