29 February 2008

DeGroen's DeMolition

Yes, as the e-mails have been saying for a while--and as I noted in my Baltimore column in Mid-Atlantic Brewing News--the brewpub formerly known as Baltimore Brewing Co. and later DeGroen's Grill is no more. The property was sold late last year for the development of a Fairfield Inn (Not Marriott, as some have said--already two of those downtown, although Marriott owns the chain).

No work going on this morning--for all I know, there was a "stop work" order because someone didn't have the right work permits in place. Supposedly the hotel plans must incorporate at least some of the facades of the older rowhouses (which once housed the BBC bottling line) into the new structure.

Tragically, there were a few (at least four) full-sized black BBC kegs in the rubble. I wonder if anyone has spoken up for the sign? (No, it won't fit in my car.)

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