16 February 2008

Yet more--when will I ever learn or stop?

Fantome de Noel 10.0% winter ale from 750ml bottle: dark and hazy, cidery/vinegary nose typical of Fantome, a definite tartness as well as a red ale flavor (not very much Xmas ale character of you're looking for Anchor OSA or the like).........

de Graal Tripel 9.0% 750ml bottle sample: hazy golden, odd nose of cotton candy and mowed grass, maybe some bubble gum..... sweet almost to the point of disgusting, balanced by grassy dandelion notes at best. This might be the one sample I don't finish. Alan takes over for me, IDs some ginger notes. I agree to some extent, but it just doesn't work for me.

Malheur Dark Brut 12% 750ml bottle: RICH malty/oak nose, tawny brown color.... As with the other Malheurs, malt rides over the yeast--supremely rich and saturated, more akin to a Scottish 120/- with Belgian notes as opposed to a Scottish or Belgian........ damn, I want more!

Kerkom Bink Bloesem 7.1% Farmhouse w/ pear & honey..... bright mahagony, ale nose.... nicest funk so far, think aged pear and a hint of spice and wood on a Goudenband-styled body.

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Brad said...

If you like tripels, you've got to try the De Dolle Dulle Teve.

I had it @ Max's yesterday.
Possibly the best tripel I've had in my life. No joke!!!

I'm jealous though. Wish I was down there today! Maybe Sunday :)