28 February 2008

Cask Olivers Three Lions at Metropolitan

Normally, cask Wharf Rat beer is something I don't have to go out of my way for--I'm spoiled (though some Ringwood detractors would say "punished") by having it readily available at the two Wharf Rat bars and elsewhere in town. But a cask of the higher-gravity Three Lions (7.5%)? Worth a detour en route home.

Deep amber, surprisingly bright, nice head...... typical Ringwood nose but more alcoholic..... surprisingly good, noticeably tannic, woody with a bit of tangy and alcoholic bite. Nicely malty with a thick, sweetish body, but well balanced by an almost-Belgian bracing tartness. A chalky English finish, laced with hop resins. Cask adds more depth than usual for this beer (was tempted to say "another dimension", but the original draught is three-dimensional, so....)

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