09 May 2011

How local can your beer get?

This local:

A 10-year collaboration between a local farmer and a brewmaster has resulted in the first commercially produced beer using locally grown and malted barley in Maryland in modern times.
Brewmaster Tom Flores has been working with Greg Clabaugh, a Frederick County dairy farmer, for the last decade or so to develop a barley malt suitable for brewing.
"We finally have a beer that shows off what the local agricultural community is able to produce," Flores said, as he and Clabaugh introduced Amber Fields Best Bitter to the public Tuesday at Brewer's Alley restaurant in downtown Frederick, where the beverage will be available.
And for the session beer fanatics (yes, I'm paging you, Lew):
The beer is 4.4 percent alcohol by volume. The type of yeast used was selected for its unique and subtle contribution to the overall flavor of the beer, Flores said.
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