23 May 2011

Obama the Tourist, or Beer Summit III

President Barack Obama did what is apparently mandated of every adult tourist that visits Ireland, at least those from the United States: he quaffed a pint of Guinness.

I swear, no other brewery has so successfully co-opted integrated its native country's image with its own.  Don't believe me?  If you go to Britain, what beer are you supposed to drink while you're there?  Germany?  Belgium?  The Czech Republic?  Japan?  Even if you go to Scotland, what whisky are you supposed to consume there?  What bourbon in Kentucky?  What wine in France or Italy?

See what I mean?

More details here.  (He supposedly didn't finish the pint.)


stevejones said...

Very true and, tragically one of the blandest stouts available anywhere!

Sean said...

Well, sure, if he finished it, Fox News would report that he got drunk in Ireland.

Hey, 3/4 pint, not too bad... Although yeah, he shoulda manned up. Guinness ain't that strong.