19 May 2011

Places We Don't Mention Enough Here #1

Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to fill up my refrigerator with growlers of Real Ale Fest leftovers right before American Craft Beer Week.  My wallet (and my wife) are happier for it, but I miss out on a few good events that way.

Here's an update from a place we love and supports good beer, but isn't in the usual downtown, Fells Point/Canton, and Federal Hill scene.  Hamilton Tavern's Tom Creegan checks in with an e-mail on their participation in American Craft Beer Week:

We now have eight full time [drafts] instead of four, and a walk-in cooler to boot.  We should be able to get more interesting beers and store some seasonals. 

Current line up:

Green Peppercorn Tripel
Yards Philly IPA
Stoudts Pils
Southhampton Double White
Breckenridge Agave Wheat
Troegs Nugget Nectar
Ommegang BPA

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