30 May 2011

Want tickets to SAVOR Saturday night?

No, you can't have my ticket.  Not even as my "video assistant."  The other Mid-Atlantic Brewing News writers would be ahead of you in line, anyway.

But the Washington Post's Tim Carman is offering two tickets for SAVOR to a lucky individual.  It's in the form of a contest:  What beer or brewery, not currently available in Washington, would you most like to see here and why?  (Remember that most of the beers available in Maryland are available in D.C. and vice versa, disregarding the propensity of certain D.C. venues to bring in stuff under special license.)

The winner will be selected (they don't say whether at random or for writing the best argument for a certain new beer) on Wednesday, June 1st.  The tickets are for the Saturday night, June 4, session — plus two passes for the CraftBeer.com educational salon that evening.  Right now as I type this, your odds are approximately one in fifteen owing to multiple responses/comments, which if the beer aficionado hop vine is any indication, may actually be better odds than actually trying to purchase tickets through the official phone/online channels for the brief moment when they were on sale!

Tell you folks what:  I'll throw in a completely honest answer just to see what happens, and if I win I promise to turn those tickets around to qualified readers of this blog.  The "line" for those tickets start with the comments to this blogpost.  Or you could just enter yourself. 

Meanwhile, want to read more about SAVOR and all the special-to-the-point-of-ridiculous beers they're producing just for the occasion, plus the plethora of special events pre-SAVOR at D.C. beer bars?  Read more here.


david.m. said...

Since you are offering, I'll just put myself in your capable hands to try to win tickets.

BeerBrarian said...

Ha, I read that post's comments and thought one of them seemed like a "Sandy Mitchell" thing to say.