01 July 2011

Booze Tax, Day One

Well, it's the first day of the additional 50% sales tax surcharge on alcoholic drinks in the People's Democratic Republic of Maryland.

Can't you just feel those schools in Baltimore City, Prince George's County, and Montgomery County getting better all around you?  (Of course not, they're closed for the summer.)

The Maryland Gazette has an article on the tax and the legislative process it went through, with enough rich quotes for a "Tea Party" member to harvest richness:

“Everybody’s going to be in line grabbing and growling to get that money,” said Del. Galen R. Clagett (D-Dist. 3A) of Frederick. “You can bet Baltimore city, Montgomery County and Prince George’s County are going to get at that money again next year.”
“All the fat cats are saying, ‘We’ve got everything solved,’ and then somebody said, ‘This money from the alcohol tax had been proposed by these advocates,’” Anderson said. “It kind of put the idea of alcohol tax in the minds of a lot of legislators, so when we were working on this deal, we said we can’t cut them out totally.” 

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